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4 tips to keep your eyes healthy when using eyelash extensions

four tips to maintain the health of your eyes when using false eyelashes

There is currently a false belief that eye health is not related to the care of natural eyelashes or eyelash extensions. In that sense, it is the eyelashes that serve the function of a filter that protects the eyesight. It is believed that the use of eyelash extensions causes irritation and burning of the eyes, which is false and does not apply in all cases.

In this opportunity, I want to clarify that only bad eyelash care is the main cause of certain discomfort and eye conditions, which is why I bring you 4 essential tips you should consider to maintain a properhealth of your eyes….

1- Understands the function of the tabs in the view

The first thing you should know is that eyelashes are made of keratin, known as a type of protein that makes them flexible and resistant.

They are responsible for preventing dust from entering and protecting the eyes from the sun’s rays, the effects of radiation or rain, which is why we must give them special treatment when using eyelash extensions .

2- Keep your eyes and eyelashes hydrated

Whether you use eyelash extensions or natural lashes, you should know that these are sensitive and tend to fall out with some frequency, due to irritation or eye discomfort, reason enough to take action.

The best way to maintain the health of your eyes and eyelashes is by applying a full face moisturizing treatment, which has a double benefit: it refreshes your eyes and also your face. It is important to do it at least 2 times a month, this way you will notice the change.

In addition, it is necessary to drink at least 1.5 liters of waterdaily to strengthen and hydrate the eyes and skin, in general.

3 – Pay attention to the make-up you wear and how you remove make-up

First of all, poor quality makeupcan affect your eyesight more than wearing false eyelashes, since by using low-quality products you could cause damage such as blepharitis, (inflammation and burning) irritation that causes redness of the eyelids..

When it comes to makeup cleansing, it is recommended to use specific products (preferably oil-free types of eyelash treatment) and aesthetic treatments that allow not only to clean without causing irritation, but also to keep the skin moisturized and smooth..

4- Maintain an adequate diet accompanied by vitamins

It is important, as well as for the whole organism, to eat foods containing vitamins and supplements rich in biotin and keratin, minerals (calcium, magnesium, zinc, chromium and potassium) and, above all, omega3. With them, you will strengthen the skin, hair, body hair and face in general.

To achieve a balancethat allows you to take care of your visual health and using eyelash extensions, it is important to consult with a specialist, as it will also help you make the best decision for your well-being.

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