Essential care when getting eyelash extensions

Essential care when having false eyelashes

The care of eyelash extensionsbegins before you use them, so when applying them you should already be very clear about each step, both to maintain your visual health and to ensure that they remain as they were on the first day.

The ideal when using eyelash extensions, is to put yourself in the hands of an expert in aesthetics and facial care, because only then can you be sure of the correct use of the same….

Recommendations prior to the use of eyelash extensions

– When visiting a specialist, do so without any makeup on your face.
– Avoid using creams or greasy products around the eyes.
– If you wear contact lenses or glasses, it is necessary to wear them without them or remove them before the treatment.

Care in the first 24 hours after treatment

Avoid contact with water, steam, make-up removers or moisturizing cosmetics

Avoid contact with water, steam, make-up removers or moisturizing cosmetics, as at least 24 hours are required for the adhesive to dry perfectly.

Avoid using greasy products or creams specifically in the eye area

Avoid using greasy products or creams specifically on the eye area, including the eyebrows.

5 tips for eyelash extensions maintenance

False eyelashes are of daily use, however, when they are not cared for and maintained, they end up being damaged and even affect the health of the eyes.

Here are some tips to keep them in the best possible condition:

If you are not familiar

With the use of eyelash extensions (and less with their application), go to the specialist every 2 weeks or according to what he/she tells you, for maintenance. This way, you will be sure to have them for 3 or 4 months, and after this time it is advisable to replace them with new eyelashes to maintain the hygiene of your eyes and avoid future problems.

The process of removing eyelash extensions

It is carried out with special products, so you should not attempt to remove them under any circumstances without the advice of the expert (preferably the one who applied them).

Avoid make-up

Apply products or dyes and frizz them, as you can completely change their shape or even detach them..

Don't rub your eyes

Abruptly and make sure that every time you take your hands to this area, you keep them very clean to avoid the appearance of infections such as conjunctivitis.

Don't worry

If you notice that over time some of them are falling out. Precisely the purpose of the maintenance sessions is to fill those spaces and make you look like you did the first time.

the best brands of false eyelashes
your care and the application in the hands of a good lashista are also essential to take care of your false eyelashes
the only contraindication for its use is the preexistence of any visual disease, allergies or infections

Finally, I should add that using the best brands of eyelash extensions is not enough to ensure their durability; your care and application in the hands of a good lashista are also elementary.

Luckily, the only contraindication for their use is the pre-existence of any visual disease, allergies or infections, but it is essential that, when you go to your trusted lashista, you tell her all your doubts and she will be the one to tell you what to do to keep your lashes in the best condition, to cause a sensation.