Eyelash extensions are one of the most demanded aesthetic treatments nowadays, it is a PERSONALIZED TREATMENT.
One of the first things you need to know is that eyelash extensions are a complex universe. There is no single treatment. You can choose the number of eyelashes, their thickness and also the curvature, you can wear a natural or more sophisticated look, a cat eye effect, or mascara.
Full set of classics

Full Set Classics

It consists of applying a single eyelash extension to a natural eyelash.

Full set of hybrids

Full Set Hybrids

Mix between hair by hair eyelash extensions and 3D volume eyelash extensions.

Full Set soft volume

Full Set Soft Volume

Provides more volume to people who do not have as many natural lashes.

Full set Russian volume

Russian volume full set

It consists of adding super light 8D or 10D fans on each natural eyelash.

Full set Mega volume

Mega volume full set

Produces a much more intense volume effect.

Refill 2 and 3 weeks

Refill 2 and 3 weeks

Cleaning and maintenance of eyelashes in 2-3 weeks.

Can you imagine waking up and having your eyebrows made up every day?
Eyebrow Service
With Microblading this is possible, it is a semi-permanent makeup technique for the eyebrows.
Eyebrows frame your look and give personality to your face so it is essential to maintain their care. But the important thing is not to have perfect eyebrows, but to get the eyebrows that best suit your face type.
What stands out most about this technique is that the shape of the eyebrows is drawn hair by hair, to achieve a very natural effect. Nothing to do with the traditional eyebrow tattooing, and already outdated, in a straight and continuous line.
Microblading definitely offers the possibility of drawing finer hairs. The sterile microblade penetrates the superficial layer of the dermis. Before the microblading procedure, the specialist sits down and works on shaping your eyebrows with a pencil, allowing you to agree on the best color and shape to suit your face. During the procedure, a topical anesthetic will be applied for the client’s comfort.
Depilation and dyeing.
At NGbeauty we create the most natural looking eyebrows with the use of Phibrows, premium European standard technology.
No eyebrow is too big or too small for High Definition Eyebrows, a cosmetic treatment that skillfully combines the reshaping of the shape with the application of dye or henna for a hyper elegant result. We use the visagism technique to design your eyebrows according to the morphology of your face, then we pluck them with wax or tweezers and finally we make them up with dye or organic henna.

Esthetic Treatments

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A modern hair removal method
Laser depilation

Laser hair removal is used to reduce unwanted hair. The frequent places where the treatment is carried out are legs, armpits, upper lip, chin and bikini line.

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Feel at home and let yourself be carried away by our professionals who will delicately perform a treatment as God intended, our technology equipment is of high quality to guarantee maximum care for your skin and foot areas.


Pedicura Caballero Regular


Pedicura Gel


Pedicure Kids Regular


Pedicura Regular

Treatments carried out by expert hands

We have a variety of services for you to leave your hands shiny, soft and super beautiful, book your appointment and let yourself be pampered by our team of professionals who are waiting for you.


Dip Powder


Dip Powder con retiro


Manicure Caballero Regular


Manicura Kids Regular


Acrilic Fill


Acrilic Full Set

Eyelash extension
Pre made Fan
The best thing about using eyelash extensions is not only that you save time when applying make-up, but also that you don’t waste time removing the make-up and the scarred eyes that mascara leaves behind.

Girls who dared to use extensions know it’s like this!

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