What are one-on-one eyelash extensions?

A synthetic or natural hair eyelash is applied to each individual eyelash, using a special technique and with a specific, hypoallergenic and waterproof adhesive. We do it with a distance of between 1 and 2 mm in front of the root of your eyelash, to avoid allergies or your eyelash from suffering. Eyelash extensions fall out little by little, lasting a maximum of 4-5 weeks, and we recommend maintenance every 15-20 days to wear them permanently. A first treatment will be 90 minutes and a maintenance 60 minutes.

Is it normal for my natural eyelash to fall out?

Yes, our eyelashes have an approximate life cycle of 40-60 days. After that time they fall off and give way to a new tab. Therefore, the extension that is placed on top of that tab will fall with it. Our natural eyelashes will regenerate whether we wear eyelash extensions one by one, or if this is not the case.

Does the eyelash extension treatment have any specific care?

After the treatment, we recommend not getting them wet for the first 12-24 hours and we must use oil-free products in the eye area so as not to impair the function of the adhesive. Otherwise, it does not require any other care that you would not have with your natural eyelash.

Can I undergo eyelash extension treatment one by one if I am allergic to cosmetics?

The contact of the product with the skin is minimal and all the products used are hypoallergenic and comply with United States cosmetic regulations, products approved by the FDA.

Is the process of applying eyelash extensions painful?

Not at all, you will be on a stretcher lying and relaxed, you will barely notice anything. In fact, most clients fall asleep.

Does my eyelash suffer or is it in any danger when performing the 1 to 1 eyelash extension treatment?

Natural eyelashes do not suffer any damage since the extensions are placed between 1 and 2 mm in front of the natural eyelash root. In this way and by avoiding contact with the skin, we reduce the risk of allergies and our eyelash will be able to continue its life cycle normally, in which it ends up regenerating in the same way as it would if we did not have eyelash extensions.

How often should I maintain eyelash extensions one by one?

There is no exact frequency for all clients, but depending on the cycle of our natural eyelashes, each client has a cycle. We recommend maintenance every 15-20 days after each treatment. In any case, those clients who come within a maximum period of 30 days after the treatment will be considered maintenance.

Can I go to the beach and pool and get my extensions wet?

No problem, they are resistant to water and sweat. Therefore you can get them wet and play sports without worrying.

What happens if after the treatment I am not satisfied with the result?

At NGBeauty Studio our absolute priority is that our clients are happy and have a satisfactory experience. For this reason, in all treatments we offer a 24-hour guarantee, so if you are not happy with the result we will assist you again without any added cost to achieve the desired effect.


Is Microblading done only once?

After the initial procedure, a review is recommended to complete the most unpopulated areas that have remained. It is usually done 4-8 weeks after the first treatment.

How to care for your eyebrows after treatment?

You will be given the necessary instructions for eyebrow care after the treatment, depending on your skin type. During the next 7 days you should avoid, as much as possible, activities that may cause sweating, as well as public swimming pools, dusty environments and extreme sun exposure.

Will it change color over time?

PHIBROWS Pigments are color stable, meaning they will never turn red or bluish over time, do not contain illegal amounts of heavy metals such as lead and iron dioxide, and do not react with magnets. The pigments are produced according to the highest standards.

Is Microblading painful?

You may feel some discomfort. They often compare it to waxing. If we compare the pain of microblading with that of micropigmentation, the latter is equally or even more painful. We add topical anesthesia so the discomfort is considerably reduced.

Is prior design carried out?

Yes, a study is carried out on the design of the eyebrows based on each person's face. The final shape of the eyebrows will look natural and well defined. And before starting we show it to the client and when they approve it we start.


From what age can we start receiving facial treatments?

Facial treatments are adjusted according to the needs of each person, age is not an impediment to starting this type of treatments.

How often should we receive a deep cleaning?

It all depends on each skin type and at least once a year. For normal skin, a frequency of one to three months between each deep cleansing is recommended. Mature, dry or blemished skin, one every six months; and acne-prone skin, one every two weeks to control infection and inflammation

When is the application of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) recommended?

This treatment is recommended from the age of thirty, the age at which the skin begins to lose its power of regeneration or simply when the signs of the passage of time are visible. It can be applied both as a preventive treatment on young skin or as a restorative treatment on aged skin.

How many PRP sessions are necessary?

PRP sessions vary for each patient, depending on the degree of skin aging. It can vary from one to three times a year.

What benefits does microneedling offer?

Among its benefits we have the stimulation of collagen and elastin creation, improves the appearance of stretch marks and scars, reduces the size of pores, among others.

Is micronnedling painful?

No, it may be annoying in some application areas.


Do I have to make a reservation, what is the maximum time to make a reservation?

Yes, at NGbeauty we work with prior appointments, you can reserve our services within a maximum of 2 weeks.

Can payment be made online?

You can make a 20% payment of the total of the services you wish to reserve and the difference must be paid at the time of the appointment.

What payment methods do you use?

 All available on our website.

Can I reschedule my appointment once the reservation process has been completed through the platform?

Yes, but you must do so within 48 hours before your reservation by communicating via WhatsApp or email to avoid a late cancellation fee.

What happens if I don't show up for my appointment?

No refund will be made nor will you be able to reschedule the appointment. You must reschedule again through our website.